Professional Land Surveyors, Mappers and Planners serving Connecticut
Total Stations for advanced measurement technology

Excellence in the Field

  • Global Positioning System
  • Accurate data collection
  • Reliable measurement utilizing Total Stations
  • Professional, highly skilled presence in the field
CAD mapping and drawing

Excellence in the Finish

  • Electronic CAD Mapping
  • Extensive Software Capabilities
  • Knowledge of Private, Town & City
    Policies and Procedures

Gesick & Associates, P.C. is a progressive and future focused professional surveying company.

Established in 1994, Gesick & Associates, P.C.'s commitment to excellence, professionalism and client satisfaction has only become more determined. Our role is to provide clients with a foundation of knowledge and professional services critical to the success of any project. Flexibility is the key. Gesick & Associates, P.C. guides clients through a successful and profitable project by deploying the latest technology, ensuring quality management. As a forward-thinking company, Gesick & Associates P.C. constantly strives to meet our clients' current and anticipated needs: "Projects completed on time and on budget."

Please contact us for a personal, private, and professional response from a Connecticut Licensed Land Surveyor.

Our Mission Statement:

"Committed to excellence, providing professional services to meet our clients' needs."